The Best Radio Show Arguments That Went Down Live on the Air

Respek the airwaves!

Radio shows and their hosts are essential to pop culture. Hosts act in many ways as the gatekeepers of culture, curating music and relevant topics for their listeners, as well as interviewing some of the hottest artists. This is to say that when things go down on the radio, they don’t go unnoticed.

Take Birdman’s The Breakfast Club interview earlier this year, for example. Birdman went on the air to put the show’s hosts on blast, and became an Internet meme in the process. His respek-filled speech gave way to countless tweets and parodies, and was a hot topic on the Internet for days.

Birdman is hardly the only person to have had an on-air argument, though. We put together a list of the best radio show arguments, from Nas vs. Hot 97 to Kanye vs. Sway Calloway. Find out who disrespek’d the airwaves in our list here.

  • Nas and Hot 97

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    Nas appeared on Power 105.1 in the summer of 2002 to air out the station’s rival, Hot 97. Nas said on-air that he had been “begged” by Hot 97 to perform at Summer Jam, but felt “dissed” when the station called to tell him he couldn’t perform “Ether,” his Jay Z dis track that was one of the biggest records at that time.

    “I was dissed this morning by Hot 97 and told what I couldn’t do on the show, which is outrageous and shows that the wrong people are in power,” Nas told Power 105.1. Hot 97 addressed Nas’ statement a day later, saying it didn’t have a problem with him performing the song. They were instead concerned about a “mock lynching of Jay Z” that was apparently supposed to happen during Nas’ performance.

  • Birdman and The Breakfast Club

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    Birdman had but one agenda when appearing on The Breakfast Club back in April. The Cash Money Records co-founder made it known while he was still walking into the room that he had beef with the radio show’s three hosts. After insisting they “Put some respek on my name,” a meme-ready moment that went viral, Birdman popped the equally iconic question, “Y’all finished or y’all done?” He then walked out on the interview, which lasted two and a half minutes, with his crew.

  • Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy

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    Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy gave listeners plenty of cringe-worthy moments on The Jenny McCarthy Show this summer. Things between the two started off well, but they quickly took a wrong turn, as host Jenny apparently went a little too hard with the questions. Jenny asked Tara about such topics as her appearance on Marriage Boot Camp and her plastic surgeries, but these struck the wrong chord with Tara, who eventually cut the interview short. She and Jenny ended it with a few nasty exchanges.

  • 50 Cent vs. Cam’Ron

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    50 Cent and Cam’Ron got into it live on Hot 97 in 2007. Cam’Ron felt some type of way about what 50 had said about Koch Records, as Cam’s Diplomat artists are signed to the label. He and 50 used the station to air out their dirty laundry, eventually causing host Angie Martinez to hang up on Cam to avoid things getting any worse.

  • Kanye West and Sway Calloway

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    Kanye gave an impassioned speech on Sway in the Morning about feeling powerless while trying to pursue his dream of breaking into the fashion design business. Kanye’s passion got the best of him when Sway asked him a question about empowering himself, and things went left. Sway remained cool, calm and collected through the short-lived disagreement, which ultimately gave way to Kanye’s highly quotable “How, Sway?” and “You ain’t got the answers, Sway!” moments.

  • Ariana Grande and Power 106

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    Ariana Grande schooled Power 106 on gender equality back in November 2015. The radio bros were giving Ari a hard time by spewing stereotypes about women, and she quipped back that they needed a “little brushing up on equality.” The interaction remained fairly lighthearted, but Ari made her stance on the matter clear by dropping subtle shade bombs on the boys.

  • Floyd Mayweather and Rude Jude of Shade 45

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    Floyd Mayweather called in to Shade 45 in November 2011 with a bone to pick with host Rude Jude. Floyd was upset that Jude had said he was avoiding fighting Manny Pacquiao. The two got into it on satellite radio, with each maintaining their respective positions. Things turned ugly, as Floyd resorted to name-calling.

  • Dru Hill Enjoys Shortest Reunion Ever

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    It started out as the most heartwarming story you could tell. R&B group Dru Hill was getting back together and they made the announcement on their hometown radio station Baltimore’s 92Q. That was the first half of the story. The second half of this tale became a legendary pop culture fail. After the group announced the big news, group member Woody dropped a bomb on everyone. He basically said he was happy to be reunited in the “brotherhood” with his bandmates, but he was going to pursue a solo gospel career.

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