Matt Lauer Calls Out Ryan Lochte For Lying In First Sit-Down Interview

Is he a "victim" or a "vandal?"

Ryan Lochte sat down with Matt Lauer last Saturday night to give his first sit-down TV interview since authorities accused him of fabricating his robbery story. Later held nothing back as he calls out Lochte for his “dumb behavior” and spreading lies.

In the clip below, Lauer reminds a visibly uncomfortable Lochte that in a previous interview, Lochte explicitly referred to himself as a “victim,” and asks him how he feels about the Rio police department’s description of him as a “vandal.”

“It’s how you wanna make it look like,” he told Lauer. “Whether you call it a robbery or extortion or us paying just for the damages. All we know was there was a gun pointed in our direction and we were demanded to give money.”

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