The Baby Mothers Club: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 408

Joc's babies' mothers have a pow-wow, Joseline and Kalenna deal with husband-managers, and Ariane gets real with Mimi.

It’s all about Yung Joc’s babies’ mothers on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode 408. The mothers of Joc’s children come together against KD while Ariane pushes back at Mimi’s proposed sex tape story. Meanwhile, Rasheeda and Ashley Nicole finally face-off and Kirk man’s up.

Check our handy recap for the most memorable, ridiculous, and hilarious moments from episode 408 now!

  • Mona, do I get maternity leave or nah?

    Like Kalenna’s so tired of Tony trying to make this club happen.

  • Ariane prob likes Margeaux more than Mimi, tbh.

    Margeaux tells Ariane that it’s a person not a recording that can prove Mimi is lying about the sex tape.

  • B O $ $ Arrival

    Joseline meets with her new bestie Kalenna to talk trash about their “husband” managers.

  • Joseline needs Stevie to let her flyyyy.

    Kalenna asks Joseline to perform at her new club. Like, why doesn’t Kalenna just perform tho?

  • It’s like The Baby-sitters Club but not.

    Joc’s four baby moms have a meetup where they smoke hookah and talk about having kids with Joc. Pass me the melon tobacco please, Alex.

  • When you’re feeling yourself but you’re his fourth baby mom and were never his GF

    Sina and the ladies are having fun until Khadiyah and Joc crash the party.

  • Step one: when you walk in a room, call someone a HO.

    KD calls Sina a ho. Basically everyone thinks Khadiyah is drama.


    Because the four women he decided to have children with can’t get along with his current girlfriend. -_-

  • When ish gets turnt and you’re too grown for all that.

    OG Fatimah can’t with all the yelling between Sina and KD.

  • When a T.H.O.T. gets shut down.

    Back on planet Frost: Kirk finally defends his wife and tells Ashley to shape up or, well, he tells her to STFU.

  • Liar, liar, your face is on fire.

    Ariane tells Mimi she should come clean about any more secrets before she’s exposed by Nikko and Margeaux. Mimi is mad.

  • When your BFF is a lost cause.

    Ariane knows her bestie is likely lying to her face.

  • When your boo says you ain’t ride or die.

    Joseline and Stevie have a sit down about him working with other women in the studio.

  • Steebies & Boosh 4EAE

    Stevie and Joseline decide since they’re married they’re going to stick it out.

  • Rasheeda pulls an Olivia Pope

    Wearing an all-white ensemble and a DGAF attitude, Rasheeda and Ashley bury the drama. For now.

  • Back at home, Mimi contemplates the meaning of life JK she’s got that sex tape on the brain.

    See how she strikes a casual 90s pose with a glass of Chardonnay against her granite counter top.

  • Mimi’s getting real but making this fake a– face

    Mimi’s going to be honest about the sex tape to a mystery guest who’s at her door.