Model, Actress, Rapper: Who Is Willie’s Supposed Side Chick, Kyesha Shalina?

She's also a mom, a nurse, and a dancer. What doesn't she do?

Kyesha Shalina is a new face to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, and we were curious who this woman who’s creating so much havoc for Willie and Shanda Taylor actually is. On her website, her bio simply reads “Kyesha Shalina is an American upcoming Rapper, Model, Dancer and television personality,” and her site also says she was in the films Save The Last Dance and Spiderman. On the show, we know she’s from Chicago, and has allegedly had a 12-year-long affair with Willie, and was possibly even pregnant by him.

So who is Kyesha Shalina?

  • She is KyRaQ

    Kyesha has found success as a rapper under the name KyRaQ, and recently released the single “#MYSPACE.”

  • She’s Friendly With Celebs

    Like Larenz Tate…

  • …And Ludacris

    But who knows, maybe this was just a club appearance.

  • They Say She Looks Like Beyonc√©

    But what do you say?

  • She’s Also A Nursing Student and a Mom

    Hey, that’s not in her website bio!

  • Oh, And About That Modeling Job

    Not bad.

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