Tina Knowles Gives Beyonce a Run for Her Money on the Cover of Ebony

Yup, I said it.

Queen Bey should watch her back, because Queen T is coming for her crown. Tina Knowles posed for Ebony’s July 2015 issue and it is RED HOT. Literally, figuratively, and in all the ways. We have a Queen MILF on our hands, and we love it.

Here are all the ways Tina is coming in hot on this cover:

  • We don’t even care if it’s Photoshopped. Seriously, the lady is 61 and looks something like this. Are you listening?
  • The weave.
  • It’s the #SexyForever issue. *Hair flip*
  • She’s says she’s having “great sex,” meaning we’re #DEAD.
  • She’s actually wearing a crown.
  • Oh, and the weave.
  • Ebony

    Scared, Bey?

    It’s cool, at least you know what your future looks like.

    Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.