Chocolate City 2, Boo, Straight to the Red Box”: Kyesha Used the #SoGoneChallenge to Diss Shanda and Willie

"I'm gonna pray for you b---h, and your man hadn't had a hit since Day 26."

Willie Taylor’s alleged mistress Kyesha doesn’t appreciate all the hate being thrown her way since the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. And she definitely isn’t here for the side chick label. So, what does a modern woman do to be heard in 2016? Release a diss track towards the couple you’re feuding with while also completing the #SoGone Challenge. It’s killing two birds with one stone. If you haven’t been on Instagram in a week or so, the #SoGoneChallenge dares people to freestyle over the instrumental section of Monica’s 2003 hit single. Well, here’s Kyesha’s #SoGoneChallenge/Shanda diss track.

Kyesha spits the following, and we did your best to transcribe the hilarious lyrics:

You know what? I been trying to be the bigger person and not respond back to all this negativity and this gossip and all this bulls–t. But right now I’m getting sick and tired of the s–t. Let me holler at you for a second. The only thing that come on the side is some fries, b—h. Put the thing on my side and leave your ass, fry b—h. Fry, b—h. While in doubt, never been a side b—h. Beat your ass again, you gone be be a run and hide chick. So, b—h, stop, keep it Love & Hip Hop before I drag you by your weave down the block in your flip-flops. I’m gonna pray for you b—h, and your man hadn’t had a hit since Day 26. Did he think of you when he was playing with these t-ts, while you at club on the pole trying to strip. Or nah? Hold your tea, cup steady. I can serve it hot or cold, yo, she not ready. You should had a b—h begging, ’Please don’t wreck me.’ In a minute, I’m gonna show the world what a man text me. Hit us: lights, camera man, all they do is headshots. Chocolate City 2, boo, straight to the Red Box.

Shanda didn’t take Kyesha’s #SoGoneChallenge lightly. She responded herself, simply writing, “Stick to this cause that was ?? ( now don’t tag me in anymore plum foolery please ?)”

Well, that’s that. What did you think of Kyesha’s rap?

Shanda and Willie finally faced off against Kyesha on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood when she claimed that she was pregnant with Willie’s child at one point.

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