Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Ashley Nicole Has NO Plans To Stay in Her Lane

Ashley Nicole, Kirk, Mimi and Ariane offer their commentary on this week's episode.

“If I hear about this lane one more motherf—ing time…” Ashley Nicole says in this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself, and she can’t even bring herself to say WHAT it is she’ll do, she’s so incensed. But Kirk’s new artist is tired of being told what to do and how to act when it comes to Rasheeda. Ashley just thinks that Rasheeda is jealous of her and intimidated by her, and she’s really sticking to that theory here.

Later, Mimi and Ariane reflect on their fight scene and Mimi wants to know her sex tape this is STILL a hot topic. “This was some last year sh*t!…I’m over it and I made the tape! I’m still trying to understand why Ariane, Margeaux…well, I understand why Margeaux’s not over it, I f—ed her husband. I get that.” Still, it seems like there’s still some tension between Mimi and Ariane. We hope those two can work it out!