Celebrities Who Should Do Political Sketches on SNL Before the 2016 Election is Over

C'mon, Leo!

By Claire Downs

The 42nd Season of Saturday Night Live premiered on October 1st, and already we’ve seen the cast members deliver some serious LMAO moments courtesy of the crazy 2016 Presidential election. This summer’s Democratic and Republican National Conventions introduced the world to a brand new squad of political figures hoping to aid the presidential hopefuls to victory. The current SNL cast is awesome (Leslie Jones!), the weekly show always makes good use of its guest stars. For example, who can forget Tina Fey dropping in to play Sarah Palin in 2008? While the show already has a great Donald Trump (played by Alec Baldwin) and a killer Hillary (the amazing Kate McKinnon), the rest of the GOP and Dem crews need some help filling out their hilarious squads.

  • Miley Cyrus as Tiffany Trump

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    The Internet freaked out at the end of the second presidential debate when Donald Trump’s 22 year old daughter, Tiffany, curved him when he went in for a hug and kiss. Everyone on Twitter couldn’t stop comparing Tiffany to Miley and her former character, Hannah Montana. In an interview with Hollywood Life, a friend of Miley’s said that if Lorne Michaels asked her to head over to 30 Rock to portray Tiffany, “She would do it in a heartbeat” because she “thinks it’s hilarious.” So what are we waiting for?

  • Jim O’Heir as Tim Kaine

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    When Last Week Tonight writer, Josh Gondelman tweeted, “Tim Kaine looks like Jerry Gergich from Parks and Rec after eight years as mayor of Pawnee,” the Internet went crazy comparing actor Jim O’Heir to the vice presidential candidate. O’Heir definitely has the comedic chops to pull off the role, after seven seasons of Parks, and he would totally kill it doing an impression of Kaine’s impression of Trump.

  • John Slattery as Mike Pence

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    During the RNC, SNL Weekend Update anchors, Michael Che and Colin Jost stood outside the Quicken Loans Arena (where the convention was held) and asked passersby to pick Mike Pence out of a lineup of six white men with white hair. Front and center on the board was Mad Men actor John Slattery. The former Roger Sterling has done guest spots on SNL before when Jon Hamm has hosted, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he would play the Republican candidate for VP.

  • Kourtney Kardashian as Huma Abedin

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    Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin has a lot in common with Kourtney Kardashian. Both women are mothers, both love wearing bold lip shades and both have been the subject of public cheating scandals by their lovers (Kourt with BF Scott Disick and Huma with husband and former congressman Anthony Weiner). Huma has been compared to the Kardashians, with some calling her “their long lost sister” on Twitter. Even more reason for Lorne to call up Kourtney: none of the Kardashians have ever been on SNL.

  • Lady Gaga as Chelsea Clinton

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    Many have compared the side profile of Hillary Clinton’s daughter with Gaga’s. Mother Monster proved her acting ability on American Horror Story last year, for which she won a Golden Globe. And Gaga hosted Saturday Night Live back in 2013, so she’s due for another guest spot soon. Lady Gaga’s episode of SNL brought in high ratings and she played a plain Jane Apple Genius – a character not far from Chelsea Clinton’s toned-down look.

  • Jack McBrayer as Eric Trump

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    Though Jack McBrayer typically plays goofy characters like 30 Rock’s Kenneth The Page, watching him portray Donald’s son, Eric, in a sketch would be awesome. McBrayer could bring that underlying “crazy” we all know is boiling just below the surface of Eric Trump’s personality.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Donald Trump, Jr.

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    Now that he has his Oscar, maybe DiCaprio can take this award season to enjoy the perks of being famous. Like doing a guest spot on SNL! Donald Trump Jr.’s totally 80’s businessman style is all kinds of Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio has never hosted or done a cameo on the sketch show, and like his Oscar, it’s about time.

  • Meryl Streep as Jill Stein

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    Meryl Streep could probably play any of the above, thanks to her transformative acting style. In fact, earlier this summer, she played Donald Trump during a Shakespeare in the Park production in New York. But Green Party candidate, Jill Stein’s, white updo and regal-slash-kooky demeanor would make a perfect choice for a Meryl Streep cameo on SNL this fall. Streep attended the 2016 DNC this summer, and her political awareness would really give her insight on how to lampoon Stein. And besides, Meryl has never hosted SNL!

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