Twitter Is Mesmerized by Kanye West Performing on a Floating Stage

Yeezus has risen! Literally!

There’s never a dull moment for a Kanye West fan. When Yeezus isn’t designing the hottest new sneaker, feuding with one of pop’s biggest artists and/or opening pop-up shops worldwide, he’s working on the next big thing to change the game. Because he’s a visionary.

Last night, Ye kicked off his Saint Pablo tour in Indianapolis and debuted the latest cool thing he’s been working on: a floating stage. Below, dear friends, is Kanye West on a stage in the sky. I mean, why would he perform on a regular stage like he’s on some basic sh—t when he could perform mid-air like he’s inventive AF?

Some might consider the concept of a hanging stage to be a major safety hazard, considering the fact that hundreds of people are directly underneath the stage. There’s also the fact that those who bought floor seats don’t have the best view for once. But for the most part, people were mesmerized by Kanye’s aerial platform.

Is this how Ye will spend his four minutes at the 2016 VMAs? Wait, is that Travis Scott going off in the crowd?! Check out some of Twitter’s funniest reactions to Kanye’s floating stage here.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.