Check Yourself: Moniece Is Dancing and Laughing So Much After Calling Brandi A “Thief” That She Finally Got Some Rhythm

"They gave me my whole mother f----king life and now I even have rythym, B---H!"

And The Most Sarcastic Woman Of All Time Award goes to…Miss Moniece Slaughter, ladies and gentlemen!

Moniece goes in on Brandi in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Although Mo wasn’t even in the scene where Max finds out about what Brandi did with their kid’s money, she did have an awful lot to say. She is surprised that Lil’ Brandi would ever do such a thing to her family. It’s important to note that by surprised I mean not surprised at all. The two have an ongoing beef that’s giving Moniece the ammo she needs to call Brandi out. She’s is getting a helluva kick watching Brandi’s husband leave her and Miss Nikki Baby has the, “Wtf did I come to?” face on.

Meanwhile the mommies can’t catch a break. Lyrica seems like she reached the point where all she can do is just laugh at A1’s mother, Pam . This singer/songwriter doesn’t understand why she can’t get a moment alone with her fiance. She makes it very clear she is tired of Pam and Pam’s Ramen noodles.

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