Amber Rose Asked Ty Dolla $ign If He Actually Buys His Ladies Range Rovers and His Response Was Hilarious

Does he or nah?

On tonight’s episode of Amber Rose Show, Muva Amber has something important to ask special guest Ty Dolla $ign: Does he actually buy his side chicks Range Rovers?

“I never said buy,” Ty responded, referring to his song, “Paranoid.” “I said, ’Both of my b—ches got Range Rovers. I said they have them. I didn’t say ’buy.'”

“I think that we just assumed that since they were both your b—ches that you bought them Range Rovers,” Amber said.

“I didn’t,” Ty said. Word choice is so key.

Watch Ty Dolla $ign talk Range Rovers and show off his beautiful eyes in the clip above, and catch the Amber Rose show when it airs on Fridays at 11/10c.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.