Tammy Rivera Just Fought Walmart Over The Unfair and Possibly Racist Price of a Baby Doll…And Won

"Oh now she on Rollback!"

Today, during an online shopping stint, Tammy Rivera went from being a concerned mom to an activist. Tammy posted the following image to Instagram, after discovering that Walmart was selling a black baby doll for nearly three times the price of its white counterpart.

Tammy wrote “Ok so anyone who knows us know that my daughter Charlie has a HUGE Doll fetish. But what I find very disturbing is that when she went to go purchase a Doll in her same color who looks more like her ..??this is what we found!… I really need answers from #Wal-Mart as to why the SAME EXACT doll in BLACK is almost triple the price???…. I know this may seem petty but shit somebody has to address this!! #AConcernedBlackMother!!! @walmart”

Just hours later she posted a happy resolution to the unfair and seemingly racist discrepency. “Oh now she on Rollback lol… Well Thank you Wal-Mart now hopefully a lil pretty girl like my own who wants this Exact doll won’t have to break open their lil piggy bank to get one! ?? look at you @tammiesangel changing lives lol ? I love you princess”

The baby doll is now $49.94, less than half the price that it was before Tammy plead her case to Walmart.

Just a quick lesson that one person can fight the system and win.