Is This Billboard Proof That Drake and Kanye West’s Collaborative Album Is Coming?

The album is actually happening.

There’s been rumors floating around about a Watch The Throne-esque project from Kanye West and Drake for quite sometime now. The two artists have kept fans on their toes for years hinting at the collaborative album. As of last night, we might finally have proof that it’s actually coming.

A big green advertisement was spotted in the SoCal city with a message that read, “Calabasas is the new Abu Dhabi.” Below those words are the unmistakable logos for West’s G.O.O.D. Music and Drake’s OVO brand.

“Calabasas is the new abu dhabi” GOOD x OVO Billboard pops up from hiphopheads

The two haven’t released any details about the billboard, or even confirmed it. Drake hinted at the album earlier this month at OVO Fest, so hopefully he’ll spill the beans on this highly anticipated project while on the Summer Sixteen tour.

Expect to hear a lot more information on the album in the coming month.