Ice Cube Shuts Down Donald Trump in Two Tweets

One less vote for Trump.

If for any reason at all you believed that Ice Cube was voting for Donald Trump this upcoming election you were very wrong. The N.W.A. rapper told the world Saturday what he really thinks of Mr. Trump. Spoiler alert: it isn’t pretty.

A representative for the former N.W.A star told the New York Daily News that his post was a direct response to this tweet:

The tweet comes from an account that posts pro-Trump news links, claiming the 47-year-old star was endorsing the Republican candidate in this November’s election. Cube clearly shut down that rumor, but it didn’t stop there.

He then went on to post another tweet claiming the Republican candidate is “stealing endorsements” and doesn’t want his name associated with Trump in anyway.
Well we now know who Ice Cube isn’t voting for this November.

Since Cube has nothing positive to say, watch Democrats try to say one nice thing about Trump in the video below.

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