This Picture Yandy Just Posted On Instagram Will Inspire You To Be Your Best Self!

The reality star got frank about her journey with her post-pregnancy body.

Since giving birth to baby Skylar, Yandy has been busying planning her nuptials to Mendeecees but now she’s opening up about her weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-pregnancy.

Posting a picture of herself pumping, the new Mrs. Harris showed off her bodacious body and said:

The politically correct people will say ’why did she post this picture’ the weight conscious will say ’those thighs are huge’ but this picture is not for you! This is for those moms out there making it happen, not compromising work to raise children, but constantly striving to be great at both. This is for those woman not ashamed of their curves but still working at being healthy and looking their best, this is for those breast feeding moms that at any means necessary they will provide the best most nutritional healthy lifestyle for their child. It’s also for those men that can appreciate a woman like that!! Tag her if you know her, I appreciate ME and all my ladies doing it! Thank you to @waistsnatchers for supporting me on my journey back to my pre baby weight. It hasn’t been easy but ladies that Yandy Bundle really has the tools to help Maxamize your workouts and #SnatchBack that tummy. Use code TEAMYANDY for a special mommy discount #BreastFeeding #NaturesMilk #HealthyBabies #egl #egl2015 #Everythinggl #Everythinggl2015 #moderndomestic #moderndomesticegl

We applaud Yandy for being so upfront with her fans about her journey with breastfeeding and her weight loss journey. Yandy truly inspires us! What do you think of her posting this picture?