Here’s the Real Reason Taylor Swift Skipped out on the VMAs This Year

It has nothing to do with Kanye West.

Taylor Swift’s absence from the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards raised eyebrows and tea cups. Some speculated the “Bad Blood” singer was skipping out on the awards show because of the recent revival of her beef with Kanye West. Others thought her choice to not come made sense, as Taylor wasn’t nominated for any of this year’s categories. But it seems we now have a valid excuse for Taylor’s VMA absence—and it doesn’t have to do with either of the above.

TMZ reports that Taylor skipped out on the VMAs because she had jury duty. Civic duty, man. It’s like getting your period. You can’t totally plan for it, but when it comes, you just gotta deal.

The jury selection started this morning, according to TMZ, and Taylor is apparently one of 30 possible jurors for the case in Tennessee. One Twitter user and excited TSwift fan documented part of her day serving with Taylor. Taylor seemed to have a good time, judging from the following video, and was met with compliments from fellow responsible citizens.

Glad to see Taylor’s being a model civilian. Carry on, TSwift, carry on.

Watch VH1 staffers give the complete timeline of Taylor Swift’s relationships in the video below.

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