A Complete Timeline of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s Relationship

Miliam has been through their ups and downs, but their love is strong.

By Claire Downs

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been on and off for the last seven years. If it seems like a long time, maybe it’s because it is. Or maybe it’s because the couple has broken up and gotten back together more times than we can count. But right now, it seems to be on for good. After a nearly three-year hiatus, Liam and Miley (Liley? Miliam?) have been stronger than ever since reuniting in 2016 and brought their #relationshipgoals in toe. Though the couple has had their ups and downs (and twerking scandals), they’ve known each other since 2009, and they met playing characters in a Nicholas Sparks movie! If that’s not true love, we don’t know what is!

Check out our complete timeline of Liam and Miley’s relationship here.

August 2016:

  • Miley throws Samantha Hemsworth (Liam’s sis) a “very Miley” party, complete with an all-gold theme, some butt-painting (exactly what you think it is), and of course, Miley’s BFF Wayne Coyne.
  • Miley wears a new diamond ring, sparking elopement rumors.
  • Miley posts a video of her and Liam singing Bieber’s “Love Yourself” in the car. It’s adorable.
  • BGVs: @liamhemsworth Starring : Barbie Da Beagle @beaglefreedom

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    July 2016

  • Miley and Liam are spotted all around Los Angeles, and spend July 4th together.
  • Liam appears on Miley’s Insta, sporting a shirt from Happy Hippie, Miley’s charity for homeless and LGBT youths.
  • So much love in one pic…. ?❤️? get ur happy hippie teeeee hereeeee http://miley.lk/HappyHippieMerch

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    June 2016

  • Miley makes it Instagram official.
  • ???

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    May 2016

  • Liam does an interview with GQ Australia. When asked if he thought the decision to propose to Miley back in 2012 was “impulsive,” he replied, “It was a well thought-out idea. We were both super young and it was a good decision at the time—we both needed that.” It’s true that they were young – he was 19 and she was 22.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus weighs in on the re-engagement in an interview on E!. Mr. Cyrus played coy saying, “Here’s what I do know: they’re so happy, that’s the main thing. Miley and I, we always had this slogan, ’If you ain’t happy, it ain’t working,’ and just seeing these — I still call ’em kids — these two kids happy, that’s all that matters.”
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