James Corden Working out With Teyana Taylor in Kanye’s “Fade” Video Is Gut-Busting

Yes, that is a "No Sheep in Gym" sign.

Teyana Taylor is the gym coach you didn’t know you had. Her stellar performance and snatched as hell body in Kanye’s “Fade” video, which debuted at the 2016 VMAs, inspired many to at least think about going to the gym. Late Late Show host James Corden was apparently one of the many, as he actually went to the gym to do a fake workout with Teyana in the “Fade” video.

James parodied Kanye’s now-iconic music video and pretended to be in the room with Teyana as she was busting those next-level moves. “Sorry, do you mind? It’s sort of a public gym,” he fake asked Teyana while lifting a single weight. “There’s actually a dance place next door,” he continued, adding, “It would be better than doing it amongst the equipment.” By “doing it,” we’re 99% sure he means, “gyrating so hard, your grandmother falls off her rocker.”

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