Celebrities Who Went to College After They Got Famous

It's never too late.

Swizz Beatz is no stranger to walking across stages. This week he walked across one like none other – Harvard Business School’s graduation stage. After taking classes for three years, he finally finished his Owner/President Management executive program. Although he’s officially a Harvard alum, he’s still a rapper and music producer so of course he had to show off his swag in a way that none of his other classmates probably did while accepting that hard earned diploma.

That’s right, not only does the back of his custom suit say “From the Bronx to Harvard”, the presenter of his diploma incorporated it into his name as he walked across the stage.

Mr. Beatz isn’t the only celeb to get a degree after the fame. You might know about the Harry Potter actress who graduated from an Ivy League university in between filming, but what about the blockbuster director who returned to finish two semesters at his state school 35 years after dropping out? In honor of celebs going back to get degrees after their careers took off, here’s a list of some of our favorites.