Celebrities Who Went to College After They Got Famous

It's never too late.

Tyra Banks is already a supermodel, reality TV star, and business mogul. Now you can add “professor” to the list. The fashion industry icon will be co-teaching for MBA students this spring at Stanford University. The course is focused on the art of personal branding.

“If I see somebody not paying attention, I’m gonna call on them,” Professor Banks told the Wall Street Journal. She also wants to keep students off their phones, unless they “tweet something I’ve said.”

Banks joins a long list of stars who returned to school after achieving A-list status. You might know about the Harry Potter actress who graduated from an Ivy League university in between filming, but what about the blockbuster director who returned to finish two semesters at his state school 35 years after dropping out?

Here are Celebrities Who Went to College After They Got Famous.

[item] James Franco

The 32-year old actor is notorious for his scholarly obsession. After returning to college at 28, determined to rectify his dropout status, he hasn’t stopped since.

Franco finished his undergrad at UCLA while filming Milk, immediately moved to New York, and enrolled in four graduate programs. And if degrees in filmmaking, fiction writing, and poetry from NYU, Columbia, Brooklyn College, and Warren Wilson weren’t enough, the philomath is set to start more programs.

New York says Franco is starting one PhD in English at Yale and another at RISD in the fall. How he manages to maintain a 3.5 GPA across the board and steal our hearts on film is a mystery.

[item] Kanye West

Last May, the College Dropout rapper went back to college to guest lecture at Oxford University in England. His audience, Oxford Guild Society, says its Europe’s oldest professional society.

The guild received a grade-A Kanye rant in all of its beautiful, outrageous glory. He compared himself to greats from the past (Picasso, Jobs) and offed up inspirational musings on the state of humankind. Highlight quote: “All the best talent in the world needs to work for the people.” Does that mean we’re getting a Yeezy line for Target?

[item] Emma Watson

Emma Watson started at Brown University in 2009. The actress best known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise walked away with a degree in English Literature in May 2015.

The star was eager to blend in with her fellow classmates while on campus. She played normal very well, telling US Weekly of one of her greatest feats at school was throwing a party with over a hundred guests. Apparently, not a single party photo ended up on Facebook. Anonymity accomplished!

[item] Steven Spielberg

Five honorary doctorates (including one from Yale), multiple Oscars, and several blockbuster movies under his belt wasn’t enough for Steven Spielberg. 35 years after dropping out to pursue a career in filmmaking, the director quietly returned to finish out his undergrad at California State Long Beach in 2001.

The 55-year old was determined to do actual coursework and not just rest on his laurels. Of course, having already completed such iconic works as Schindler’s List and Jaws, he was not required to create the usual 12-minute polished film in order to graduate with a Bachelor of the Arts degree with a focus in film/video production.

For the sake of the other students, the Los Angeles Times says he enrolled under a pseudonym to finish out his last two semesters. Only a few people behind-the-scenes knew the famed director was attending the school.

[item] Eva Longoria

The Desperate Housewives actress started at California State at Northridge while filming the popular drama in 2010. The pint-size star dove into her studies with vigor and joy, going on to graduate with a degree in Chicano and Chicana studies in 2013.

She walked at graduation her usual bubbly self, stopping to pose in her cap and gown for a photo with her mom and dad. She expressed her excitement in an enthusiastic tweet: “You’re never too old or too busy to continue your education!”

[item] Natalie Portman

The Black Swan powerhouse is known for taking on tough responsibilities, like when she tackled doing her own ballet moves in the 2010 dance flick. In 1999, she auditioned for one of the most coveted roles in academia and was accepted to Harvard University. She went on to receive an A.B. degree in Psychology and returned to her Alma Mater last spring to perform the 2015 commencement address.

Her speech, chronicled in the Harvard Gazette, focused on conquering self-doubt. She used her Black Swan role as an example of a time where she bit off more than she could chew, and advised the graduates to do the same to promote self-growth.

[item] The Olsen Twins

It was big news when the twins started at NYU in 2004. Even bigger was the news of their lavish lifestyle, captured so eagerly by New York’s paparazzi. It came out in the Los Angeles Times that the sisters spent a casual $7.3 million converting four units in the West Village into a superdorm for the two of them to party study in.

Normal college kids watched through the eraser dust as Mary-Kate and Ashley frolicked around in bohemian fashions sucking down immense Starbucks lattes with New York City’s elite. After a year, Mary-Kate dropped out and the press lost interest. As a matter of fact, did Ashley even graduate?

[item] Nick Cannon

Ex-Mr. Carey is going back to school. The comedian has been posting Instagram photos of himself around campus at Washington D.C.’s prestigious Howard University. While his selfies could easily be laughed off as jokes, Entertainment Tonight confirms Moroccan and Monroe’s dad will indeed be attending the historically black college as a famous freshman.

The Wild ’N Out host will be traveling via air to and from his filming responsibilities, or as he wrote in a recent Instagram post, “Turning these airplanes to school buses.”