Masika Reveals The Special Meaning Behind Her Daughter’s Name, Khari Barbie

"She has a very strong first name and a built-in nickname."

Masika Kalysha chose a unique name for the daughter she shares with Fetty Wap: Khari Barbie Maxwell. We know that Maxwell is Fetty’s government surname, but where did Khari Barbie come from? Masika explains the backstory in this bonus clip, and she also explains the origin story of her own unique first name, which means “invincible.”

“Khari means queenly, born to rule and bring joy, and joyful song,” Masika says of her infant’s first name. “And then Barbie, just because I mean, she’s gonna be a Barbie doll, look at her mom!”

We wonder if Fetty had any say in the matter.