#KapSoBlack Is The Best Hashtag We’ve Seen in a While

Colin Kaepernick's protest continues.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been making headlines ever since he sat during the national anthem at a preseason game last week to protest inequality in America.

There’s been a slew of controversy, but Kap’s taking it all in stride and not allowing his message to be distorted. Last night, he took a knee during the national anthem while sporting a 1970s-style afro, potentially in response to NBC analyst Rodney Harrison’s comments that Kap is “not black.”

It’s quiet for the “Kap’s not black” talk though, and last night only shut down that talk even more. Per usual, Twitter decided to have some fun with it, and the #KapSoBlack hashtag popped off. Check out some of our favorite tweets below.