Tinashe Talks Leaked Drake Collaboration, Performing at Prom, and Those Janet Jackson Comparisons

♪ I'm on a wave, I'm on a ride, I'm everywhere, I'm hard to find ♪

Tinashe has always looked to Janet Jackson for inspiration, so it’s no surprise to her that people draw comparisons between them. Actually, she takes it as a compliment.

The “2 On” singer spoke with us about touring, that leaked Drake collaboration from a month ago, and performing at her brother’s high school prom (she never got to go to her own). Find out what she had to say about each of these, as well as what’s to come from her musically, in the Q&A below.

Could you talk a little bit about Amethyst? How was the process for that different from Aquarius?

Amethyst was just something I wanted to put out, sort of as a gift to my fans. I always like to give them new content. I felt like it was a snapshot of where I was creatively, and I wanted to express that and give them something free and easy.

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