Drake and Rihanna Got Matching Tattoos So You Know It’s Real

Does this mean they're officially dating yet?

It’s time for all AubRih fans to rejoice! Drake and Rihanna’s relationship seems to be getting very serious.

A few days ago, RiRi decided to gift her ankle with some new ink from popular tattoo artist Bang Bang. She got a tiny, camouflage shark on her shin around the front of her ankle. The most interesting part is that the tattoo appears to be inspired by a stuffed shark that Drizzy bought her during a date at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

Bang Bang told Complex via email, “I can only say it’s personal, I’ve seen many people online guessing what the tattoo means, but it’s not my place to say. I will say I’ve tattooed Rihanna many times and last night was my favorite.” Hm, somethings fishy.

Then, during Drake’s concert in New Orleans this week, some truly perceptive fans noticed something different about Drake’s forearm.

That’s right! They both got matching tattoos. After Drake’s adorable love confession to Rihanna at the VMA’s last week, and now the pair getting matching tats gives a pretty clear idea of where their relationship is headed. Keep your fingers crossed.