Uh Oh! Safaree Compares Old Boo Nicki Minaj to New Boo Miss Nikki Baby

"Old Nicki isn't better at anything though..."

There has been buzz for months, and so many photos taken around town, but finally, tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood served as an official announcement that Safaree and Nikki Muddaris really do have a thang going on.

Their “situationship” is ironic, considering Safaree just got out of an 11-year relationship last year with a woman with the same name: rapper Nicki Minaj. Besides the same first names, similar physiques, and their connection to one of Jamaica’s finest, what else do these women have in common?

In this VH1.cm exclusive, Safaree explains that although “the media is going to have a field day” seeing him go from one Nicki to the next, his feelings for Miss Nikki Baby are real.

“It’s not for no TV, it’s not for no show, ‘cause I don’t like to play with my heart like that, “ Safaree says in true Drake form.

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