This Is What Real Life Looks Like: Masika Kalysha Shares More Photos From The Birth Of Her Daughter

"Priceless moments I'll never forget."

Masika Kalysha has been posting quite a bit this week about how her relationship with Fetty Wap has evolved since her pregnancy announcement, but today she focused on the biggest blessing he’s responsible for, little Khari Barbie. After Khari’s birth was shown on this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Masika posted two very sweet photos that speak to the reality of life in the delivery and recovery rooms, post-partum.

In the first pic, Masika and Fetty look adoringly at their daughter.

We were looking at her bicep. My kid was born with muscles. ??

A photo posted by Masika Kalysha (@masikakalysha) on

“We were looking at her bicep. My kid was born with muscles. ?”

And in the next, Masika shouted out her parents who were by her side the whole time and kept her fed and relaxed.

“Priceless moments I’ll never forget. While I fed my daughter my mommy feed me… everyday while we were at the hospital. And my dad held down the foot massages ❤️”

Things with Fetty may not be perfect all the time, but these photos prove that a baby can bring a family together and make the moments we have even more precious.