Twitter Is Losing It Over Apple’s New Airpods

The people have questions.

By Taylor Davis

Since Apple first blessed us with the iPhone in 2007, people everywhere have been calculating how to use their free phone upgrade so that it coincides with the latest generation’s release. Until now. Apple just finished this year’s eternity-long keynote address – where the CEO of Apple highlighted new features with upcoming models of iPhones, Apple watches, and airpods all damn day – and the internet has questions.

Airpods, which is not a typo for iPods, has some of us wondering if we’re really about this iPhone 7 life. Airpods are the new wireless headphones that you can use with your high-tech iPhone, that no longer has a headphone jack. For a cute $159 you get two little pods that will fall out of your ear because they’re not connected to anything but can sense when you’re talking.

In typical Twitter fashion, the internet expressed its feelings about the new wireless experience with the swiftness and these are our favorite tweets so far.

If you like PokemonGo, the iPhone 7/7 Plus and Apple Watch are for you. If you want a waterproof phone because you keep spilling water in your backpack when your phone is in it, the new iPhone is for you. If you want to spend $160 (THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE TAX) for headphones that you will probably lose on a daily basis then you should go order an iPhone now.