Tami Roman Keeps It Real — Real Funny. These Are Her Most Hilarious Moments of the Season

"She seems pressed. Like a panini or something."

By Kenya Zeigler

She’s bold, she’s honest, and she’s funny. On season five of Basketball Wives LA, Tami Roman has been hitting us with line after line of some hilarious material. Shaunie even admits that Tami sometimes says exactly what on her mind.

From the very first episode, Tami has been serving us with some comical one-liners. Check out Tami’s top ten real and funny moments from season five so far.

  1. Tami gives us the key to staying slim for the summer. Go on a diet and avoid eating the B.S. of others.

  2. Tami didn’t know what was up with Brandi, but we could all tell she was pressed.

  3. When Jackie showed up to lunch looking like a blast from the past.

  4. If you’re waiting for him or her to give you the love you deserve, you might want to look elsewhere because, well…

  5. When Duffey thought it was a good idea to add some of Jackie’s cognac to Angel Love’s drink.

  6. Give a nurse a cape coat and you have a super nurse.

  7. When Tami accurately described Jackie.

  8. Brandi was the only furry creature spotted by Tami and Big Bear Lake.

  9. When Angel Brinks failed to stick up for Angel Love…

  10. Tami shares some advice on how to not get popped in your face.

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