Tupac’s 20 Most Entertaining Interviews

Today marks the 20-year anniversary of the icon's death.

Tupac was just as famous for his riveting, unfiltered, highly entertaining interviews as he was for his music. He always said whatever was on his mind.

On that fateful night two decades ago, not only did we lose one of the greatest rappers of all time, we lost one of the most honest, powerful voices that the culture has ever seen. Every time Tupac spoke, truth followed. Sometimes he articulated his message in interviews even better than he did on any of his records.

20 years to the day of his tragic death, we’ve compiled a list of Tupac’s best interviews to honor and celebrate his legacy. Watching these clips, it’s more than clear why he was such a beloved—and controversial—individual.

Everyone has a narrative or opinion when it comes to Tupac, but nothing is better than seeing Pac tell his own story, in his own words. Enlighten yourself and learn more about why Pac still matters so much to us today.

During High School in the Late ‘80s

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