Jessica White Offers a Classy Clap Back to Kate Upton’s Comments About NFL Protesters

This was a showing of exemplary model behavior.

By Jasmine Washington

Super model Jessica White recently took to social media to ’school’ her friend and fellow model Kate Upton. The rising actress’ response comes after Upton’s twitter fingers called out members of the Miami Dolphins for taking a knee as the “Star Spangled Banner” played during their season opener.

Trouble began when Kate Upton wrote:

White quickly took to Instagram in response writing, “@kateupton I love you babe you know I do. But the freedom you speak of isn’t the same freedom that some of my people receive. Normally I wouldn’t say anything especially on this day as my best friend lost the love of her life on 9/11 but the sad fact of the matter is the violence and social injustice that plague our inner communities is the reason why these courageous men are peacefully protesting.”

She continued, “Next time a young black male is shot down and his murder isn’t vindicated I hope you speak out loud about how his “freedom” was taken away from him/her. Now lets speak about how we can impart love back to a broken system that you would like us to stand for. #love jypsy.”

White is not alone. Miami Dolphins running back Arian Foster and television hosts Roland Martin and Soledad O’brien have all taken to social media in response to Upton’s commentary on NFL protesters.

The protest that’s taken the media by storm was initiated when San Francisco 49er’s baller Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the “Star Spangled Banner” during the NFL preseason.