K-Dubb Seizes The Perfect Opportunity To Blackmail Tip’s Sons In This Family Hustle Sneak

"Ima hold onto these, cause now I got y'all where I want ya --- all three of y'all."

But can K-Dubb keep a secret though?

K-Dubb has T.I’s sons right where he wants them in this T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle sneak peek. King, Messiah,and Domani find themselves in a little bit of trouble when they play in the house even thought Tip said that’s a no go. After King breaks a vase with a baseball, K-Dubb sees the perfect opportunity to blackmail the boys. He doesn’t want the boys to be doing chores they normally wouldn’t do anyway, he just wants to make sure they do it for him now. Should’ve just listened to daddy dearest. Maybe the boys should’ve read K-Dubb’s shirt first, “Think Twice, Act Once”, IJS.

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