Check Yourself: Moniece Says Nikki Needs To Stop Acting like A Jerk (Chicken) To Safaree

"In other words, she needs to get all of the thotting out of her system for you to know that you're the only penis she's trying to bounce on."

Nah, seriously when did Moniece become so effin funny?!

Seems like Masika Kalysha and Moniece have some opposite views towards Safaree and Nikki Baby’s relationship in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Masika understands where Nikki was coming from when she called Safaree out on being insecure, but Mo’ is definitely not feeling her. She calls Nikki Miss “Doolittle” in that she does very little and demands a lot. Yikes. Moniece is definitely #TeamSafaree and even compliments his eggplant he so frequently flaunts on the gram. Even Nikki had to take notice to that, saying that instead of coming to press her, Safaree should’ve modeled some Nude by Nikki, too.

Meanwhile, A1 and Lyrica are on cloud nine as they look back on their decision to elope. With all the static between their moms, Pam and Lyrica Garret, the two have bittersweet feelings about their decision to jump the broom on the low. A huge part of them is happy to be married, but anxious for the aftermall to follow. (Unrelated sidebar) Honestly don’t know why Safaree is laughing at A1’s jacket like the “yard mon” doesn’t wear furs even in the middle of the summer, but I digress.

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