10 Reasons Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Are #RelationshipGoals

Stable is the new drama.

By Claire Downs

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are low-key one of Hollywood’s cutest and most stable couples. Since the beginning of their romance in 2007, they have filled our news feeds with the kind of silly PDA that only makes sense if you’re in a long-term relationship. Not only are they both hilarious, they’re completely down-to-earth. Sure, they don’t have the kind of juicy drama that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna might have or the star power of Brangelina, but not many people do. So, here are some of the reasons their relationship is stronger than ever and we should all be taking notes.

  • Their wedding was about as low-key as you can get.

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    Dax and Kristen got married back in 2013 and the celebration was totally low-key. They got married at a small courtroom at the Beverly Hills County Clerk’s Office. They both wore all black and the whole thing apparently only cost $142.

  • They make time to travel together.

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    Travel is one of the best ways to grow as a couple. In 2013, Dax and Kristen took a trip to Africa, and made this hilarious music video set to Toto’s “Africa.” According to Kristen, the sole point was to “rage hard and honor Toto properly.”

  • They’re super supportive of each other’s careers.

    After six seasons, Dax’s show, Parenthood came to an end. Of course the couple had a send-off party and tweeted this hilarious pic. After Kristen attended the Oscars for Frozen, they joked about her loss.

  • When it makes sense they find ways to work together.

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    If you really want to get a glimpse of this couple’s adorableness, just watch the many Samsung commercials they’ve starred in together. While the ads undoubtedly bring in some extra cash, they’re going to tackle a big screen opportunity that totally makes sense.

    The 2017 reboot of CHiPs is written, directed and stars Dax Shepard. So when it came time to make casting decisions, Dax defended his choice of casting his wife.

    “She’s a great actor and she’s also very affordable since I’m directing it, but I was nervous ’cause she has to play very unlikeable and I started telling her, ’I’m not positive I want to hire you because you’re just so intrinsically likeable.”

    Too cute.

  • They subscribe to social media preciousness over pettiness.

    It’s no secret we’re all here for celebrities airing out their relationship issues on social media. Kristen and Dax are not about that life. Their social media exchanges are like funny Hallmark moments. Here’s their tweets announcing the birth of their daughter, Lincoln.

  • They know exactly what gifts to give.

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    For Kristen’s 31st birthday, Dax surprised Kristen with a sloth and she freaked the eff out. No really. She was so overcome with joy by the sloth’s sheer presence that she had a full-fledged crying fit.

  • They help each other look their best.

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    During the filming of This is Where I Leave You, Dax was asked to do a nude scene. Besides encouraging him to work out to prepare for the role, Kristen also agreed to help Dax groom his nether regions! That’s love!

  • They aren’t afraid to talk it out.

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    Kristen and Dax recently spoke openly about their willingness to go to couples therapy to work through their (minor) issues.

    “If something pisses you off, you’ve got to find the balls to bring it up immediately, and say it in a way that the other person can hear. If you’re still uncomfortable with both those things, you say, “I need to have a therapy session with you.” There may be something that really hurt your feelings that you’re scared to bring up. Go talk about it with a therapist who can mediate. You’ll walk out of the room feeling like you’re [on the same] team,” Kristen told Good Housekeeping.

  • They share core values.

    Kristen and Dax got engaged in 2009, but they vowed not to get married until gay marriage was legalized in the state of California.

    “We’re not going to have a party when half of our friends … can’t do that thing we’re doing. We’re not going to ask them to come celebrate a right they don’t have,” Dax told Piers Morgan.

    When DOMA was struck down in CA in 2013, Kristen proposed to Dax via Twitter, after a three-year engagement.