The Internet Comes Together to Help #SaveNelly From $2 Million Tax Debt

The solution to rapper's tax drama is here!

By Jasmine Washington

Nelly fans nearly lost its mind when TMZ reported that “Hot In Herre” rapper owed $2 million dollars in federal taxes and $149,511 in unpaid Missouri State taxes.

While the hip-hop star is said to be working closely with state and federal agencies to prevent his assets and property from being seized, Spin enlisted the rapper’s fans for assistance with the #SaveNelly campaign.

#SaveNelly emerged after Spin found that listeners would have to stream a Nelly track a whopping 402,880,500 times at $0.006 per stream or 287,176,547 times at 0.084 per stream to round up even coins to pay off his debt.

Don’t you just love when the Internet comes together for good? Check out some of the fans who are putting a dent on the 1,405,864,580 minutes it would take to #SaveNelly.