Kim Kardashian Is a Superfan of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Brandi

Nice to see the two remained cool!

Lil’ Brandi has some big-time friends.
No secret Brandi Boyd of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has deep roots in the entertainment industry but it may shock some to know Kim Kardashian is actually still one of her homies. During last night’s episode, Kim K Snapchatted her surprise to see Lil’ B on the screen. In the snap Kim says:

Yes, Lil’ Brandi I had no idea you were on this show. I love it! I love seeing you on TV. I’m so happy for you. Yay!

Something tells me Lil’ Brandi being the late/great Whitney Houston’s goddaughter isn’t how the two became cool in the first place. It more than likely has to be because of someone who’s name rhymes with Ray J.

The two probably aren’t that tight because this clearly is Brandi’s second season on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but that shout out was dope nonetheless.

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