What’s Going on With Tara Reid in This Bruised and Battered Instagram Post?

Frightened fans react to the alarming image.

By Jasmine Washington

Tara Reid’s fans were up in arms after the actress uploaded an image of her horribly bruised and battered face on Instagram.

Huge purple bruises on the center of Reid’s neck and forehead, plus streaks of mascara and eyeliner dripping down her eyes like tears raised a slew of concern from her supporters.

A photo posted by Tara Reid (@tarareid) on

Reid captioned the controversial photo, “Everyone be kind to each other. This is what bullying looks like. #Worthless.” Fans quickly encouraged Reid to seek help, not realizing that the hashtag at the end of her caption was inspired by her new anti-bullying movie Worthless.

On Sunday, the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars alum posted a selfie on an airplane with the caption, “On my way to shoot my next movie Worthless in Philadelphia here I come.”

One day later Reid tweeted, “I’m so excited being back in New Jersey where I was born and raised. I’m shooting my new movie Worthless it’s an anti bullying movie.”