Sneak Peek: Ray J Tells Safaree He Needs To Man Up And Demand A Three-Way With Nikki and Rosa

"I really wanna settle down and be in a relationship right now, but Nikki and Rosa, that's an every bad mon fantasy, yuh zee me."

Unrelated, but that workout looks hella steamy, good gawd.

Safaree Samuels
is a one-woman man but Ray J is trying to make him see that playa light in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek. The paparazzi caught Safaree and Nikki Baby on a date, forcing the bod mon to tell his friends about his new relationship. It takes two seconds for Ray J to put Safaree on to who Nikki really is. Ray tells him that he knows for a fact Nikki is creeping with CossaMia store owner, Rosa Acosta. Instead of cutting off Nikki, Ray advises Safaree to demand both of them (ugh). Seeing as how Safaree spent most of his adult life in a relationship, he hears Ray J out and decides maybe he can handle two bad gals after all.

A1 just got married and Willie is in the doghouse. I’d say they’re wise to not chime into this one.

Oh, and bee tee dubs, the paparrazzi wasn’t playing that night. You can never be low, especially in Hollywood.

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