Kanye West and Drake Respond to Kid Cudi’s Twitter Rant About “Haters Within the Industry”

The plot thickens.

Kid Cudi is fed up. The 32-year old rapper, whose Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ is set to arrive “this month,” unleashed a series of hostile tweets yesterday, aimed at his peers in the music industry.

Cudi didn’t let fans speculate for long, almost immediately letting everyone know that his comments were directed towards his former mentor, Kanye West, and Drake, whom Ye is working with on an album.

Kanye isn’t one to hold his tongue about anything, so it’s no surprise that he addressed Cudi’s comments on stage at the Saint Pablo tour last night, telling Cudi, “Don’t never mention Ye name. I birthed you!”

Ye’s entire rant about Cudi runs for well over a minute. Watch it below.

Drake took a decidedly more playful approach to the situation.

If you’re waiting for Cudi to jump back on Twitter after all of that, don’t count it.