Lauren London Had a Low-Key Baby and People Are Confused


Lauren London operates on the lowest of keys. She’s managed to go seven years without ever showing a picture of her son Cameron, so it’s only right that she’d be able to let another pregnancy and delivery go by right under our nose.

Yup, you read that right. Lauren London announced that she welcomed another baby boy last week and just about everyone on social media is scratching their heads in confusion. We never heard a word from London or her rapper boyfriend Nipsey Hussle about a baby on the way, but London spilled the beans in an adorable (but faceless) photo of her son holding on to her manicured finger.
Lauren London managed to keep this pregnancy on the DL despite an accidental lip slip from her Atl co-star T.I. and online speculation that emerged days after she actually delivered.
Can’t get over Lauren London’s low-key baby? Neither can these Twitter users: