Lil’ Scrappy Gets Arrested, Bambi Bails Him Out

They say real women hold it down.

It seems like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Lil’ Scrappy got himself into a little bit of trouble with the law this week. Thankfully for him, he had his fiancée, Bambi Benson, by his side to hold him down. The rapper took to Instagram to post his gratitude for having his soon-to-be-wife be there for him through his “BS”. He wrote:

Yeah bih my boo ain’t gone let me stay in no jail lol I had to do a all nighter and half a day for my bs but we good love y’all b blessed and man I love @adizthebam

It’s all love though, Bambi knows her man is a work in progress.

Man my boo is so ratchet but he trying ?? don’t worry … I would never let this n—a sit in jail for too long. #HeFree

Not sure what he was arrested for but we’ll update you with info as it becomes available. It’s nice to know that the Bamb is willing to ride with him ’til the wheels fall off.

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