Masika Kalysha Releases Her Single, “My Own,” and It Sounds All Too Familiar

"If I had a time machine, I would go back to the time when it was only me."

Looks like Lil’ Brandi couldn’t stop Masika Kalysha from releasing a song after all.

Despite studio issues with Max Luxe , all thanks to Lil’ Brandi, Masika reveals that not only is her single finished, but it’s out and available for purchase on iTunes. In this ballad, Masika sings of the tumultuous relationship between her and rapper, Fetty Wap. She says:

I’m doing fine on my own, I’d rather be alone than to be blinded, misguided- I’m done with that role.

Chile, she gets deep. Take a listen and try not to get in your feelings.

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