Matt Bomer Jokes About Making Another Magic Mike with Caitlyn Jenner and We Don’t Know How to Feel About it

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It’s no secret that everyone has Caitlyn Jenner on the brain since she made her debut two weeks ago. Magic Mike XXL star Matt Bomer made a joke about her when visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the film, but was it offensive or harmless?

When Jimmy asked the cast to reveal their stripper names (their childhood pet and street names), Matt said: “Dixie Eunice, which is actually going to be our next film. It’s gonna star Caitlyn Jenner and I.” His cast mates and the audience immediately started laughing and cheering when he looked at the crowd and asked, “Would you see that?!,” causing more cheering and applause.

Call me naive, but I know Matt is a supporter of the LGBTQ community, so my first instinct was that he was making a playful, lighthearted joke. Like I said, everyone has Caitlyn on the brain. And in that environment, the audience embraced it. On the flipside, why did I feel kind of yucky wanting to laugh? I can see how someone can take the joke out of context and be offended by it. Speaking about transgenders properly is still new to a lot of us.

What do you think?

Watch the clip below to decide for yourself.

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