Check Yourself: Everyone Thinks Nikki Is Buggin’ Out For Pressing Rosa Acosta

"Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, you broke the rule. You can't get caught if you want to be the player."

Tell ’em why you mad, boo. Seriously, tell us, because we don’t get it.

Nikki Baby clearly felt a way when Rosa Acosta introduced her to her new boo and the cast is wondering why in this weeks Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Moniece looks at Nikki sideways when she admits to lying and being openly honest at the same time. Nikki is obviously jelly towards Rosa’s date but Masika doesn’t understand why Nikki is even mad in the first place. Nikki thinks she’s talking up a big game, but Safaree is dying laughing at her ability to spit G. That’s one young lady who can talk a good game.

Meanwhile, A1 and Lyrica can’t help but laugh as they look back at the scene where they announce they’re newlyweds. Obviously it wasn’t funny at the time, but Lyrica can’t help but chuckle at everyone’s reaction to Lyrica G flipping out.

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