Future Wants Ciara to Show Him Receipts for That 500K Deal She Lost

She says he F'd up her commas, but he's not buying it.

By Jasmine Washington

The ongoing court drama between Future and Ciara just took another turn. Future is allegedly calling Ciara’s bluff over claims that his social media rants against her ruined a potential business opportunity.

CiCi claims that Future’s Twitter fingers played a major role in destroying a potential $500,000 deal she was in the process of securing with an international cosmetics company. Future begs to differ, claiming his rant had nothing to do with Ciara’s failed deal and questions whether or not there was ever a deal since she has yet to reveal which cosmetics brand was involved.

The feuding exes are currently duking it out over a $15 million defamation suit file by Ciara. Since they split in 2015 there has been a lot of subtweeting and petty maneuvering on social media from both sides. Fans for both artists are obviously divided on the situation and will ride for their fave whenever necessary. Like recently when Future dropped a line in song where he claims to have made Ciara relevant and the Internet promptly dragged him for it.