Chris Brown Responds to Baby Mama Drama With One Simple Request for His Haters

"Stop lying!"

By Jasmine Washington

Chris Brown has had enough of the petty back and forth with his baby mama Nia Guzman. The pair have been battling it out via social media over the past 24 hours after reports surfaced that Brown refused to be interviewed by Child Protective Services.
The crooner wound up calling his BM out for allegedly being a drug dealing scammer who only encouraged the CPS investigation as a means of increasing her monthly child support payments. Guzman quickly slammed her baby daddy for his alleged drug abuse and poor parenting skills.

Fed up with the public spats, Breezy released a social media video, (which has since been deleted from his account) clearing up the madness from his POV.
He had a very particular request for the people that are constantly coming for him. “Stop lyin’ bro. Just stop f******* lying. It’s annoying bro, I’ve got enough on my plate.”

Let’s hope there’s a ceasefire and they can work these issues out behind closed doors.