Bonus Clip: Tami Tells Jackie and Jazz That She Was the Kelly Rowland of Her ’90s Girl Group

"You always be saying you were signed...what year?"

Tami Roman has really grown into her role as a momager for daughters Jazz and Lyric’s music careers but it wasn’t that long ago that the actress and personality was trying her own hand at a music career. In a bonus clip from Basketball Wives LA, Tami screens Jazz’s music video for Jackie Christie, who allegedly has a record label and a background in music, and while in the studio Tami’s old school rapping skills come out. She dusts of the bars for an impromptu session for everyone but admits that she wasn’t the Beyoncé of her 1990s girl group but more the sexy, second in command a la Kelly. Everyone agrees that being the Kelendria Rowland ain’t too shabby and praises Tami’s career longevity.

And just because we love you so, here’s a great clip of Tami’s girl group Reality performing back during her time on The Real World: Los Angeles.

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