11 Hilarious Rapper Impersonations That Will Never Not Be Funny

Jay Pharoah is sooo good at this.

By Claire Downs

This year’s FX hit Atlanta has shown us the perfect harmony of comedy and hip hop. From rap battles to album skits, rappers love giving each other sh-t and making fun of themselves. You could even argue that the genre’s sense of humor about itself is what makes hip hop fresh. The comedy world has always picked up on this and has given us some amazing rapper impersonations. From seasoned SNL performers to YouTube vloggers, here are our favorites.

  • Aries Spears does the ultimate LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Jay Z medley.

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    Aries Spears, who was the second longest-serving castmember on MADtv, nails every impression he does.

  • Dave Chapelle does Lil’ Jon at the doctor’s office.

    Dave Chapelle’s version of Lil’ Jon was multi-layered on Chapelle’s Show. In this sketch, Chapelle gives us the idea that Jon only answers in “YEAH!” or “WHAT?!”

  • J. Cyrus gives Kendrick, Drake, Future, Ludacris and Young Thug regular jobs.

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    Comedian J. Cyrus shook the Internet earlier this year with this hilarious compilation of rappers spitting about regular jobs. We think his Drake as a waiter is on point, but imagining Kendrick taking orders at McDonald’s has us dying.

  • Jay Pharoah has too much fun remixing on of Kanye West’s songs.

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    Jay Pharoah might be the king of rapper impressions. In this “I Am A God” parody, Jay plays a dog version of Kanye. If you close your eyes, you might think you were listening to Yeezy.

  • Chris Pratt locks down the starring role in Eminem’s biopic.

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    One of Chris Pratt’s many talents is apparently rapping like Eminem. In this video, he also mentions another “talent” getting stoned all day in a van in Maui.

  • Jay Pharoah enters Lil’ Wayne’s world.

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    We don’t know how he does it. Not only is Jay nailing Wayne’s voice, he’s spitting rhymes in character. Sure they’re nonsense lyrics, but they kind of make sense!

  • A$AP Rocky even impresses Tyler The Creator with this one.

    After touring together last year, A$AP and Tyler knew each other pretty well. So well, that A$AP had time to perfect his Tyler impression, in which he mimics Tyler talking about cars. LOL!

  • Jamie Foxx does a ridiculous Shaquille O’Neal.

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    In case you forgot, Shaq had some hits back in the day, so he’s technically a rapper. Jamie Foxx’s rendition of Shaq is hilarious, including the crossed eyes.

  • Vine Star @Ohmynene does Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé

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    This super-short impression totally encapsulates the “Feelin’ Myself” video. Both impressions are right on point, that’s probably why it has 9M loops.

  • Affion Crocket does a little California Hov.

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    Few people can pull off as well as Affion Crocket. This time he nails the Hov impersonation rocking a LA Dodgers cap instead of the Brooklyn rapper’s signature Yankee fitted. Sometimes it’s not about where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.

  • Jay Pharoah gives us the tea on the secret rapper meetings.

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    This sketch is the ultimate rapper impression mixtape. Pharoah gives us about eight different impressions, all rolled into one. Our favorite is his Will Smith.