Meet Junior: The Newest Member of Black Ink Crew: Chicago Who Vows To Put 9 Mag On The Map

"He told me he had some booths open and I said, 'hell yea, let's do this. Let's build something."
Newbie, Junior Diaz, of Black Ink Crew Chicago may be fresh to the crew, but he’s definitely not new to the game. Although he’s only 24 years old his passion for the ink runs deep. Under the advice of a close friend named Ranger, who unfortunately passed away, Junior is determined to keep rising in the tattoo industry. Back In January, Ryan gave Junior a dope Instagram shout-out which ultimately led to the two to talk business. Fortunately for Junior, Ryan had a booth available and welp, here he is! No, we won’t see Junior having sex in the bathrooms, but with his talent for tats, he will fit right in!

In case you were curious about the shout out:

Youngest in charge in the city, the kid @jrdiaz16 been tattooing for like only 3/4 years and shutting shit down at like 23 yrs old, salute lil bro lemme get a lesson! #chicago ??

It’s so dope to see talent recognize talent! Don’t miss the season premiere of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, next Monday at 9/8c!

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