All the Things Donald Trump Loved About Himself on #DebateNight

Trump loves him some Trump.

By Brenden Gallagher

Surprising no one, Donald Trump talked about his favorite subject: himself. As usual, Trump has been proud of a lot of things, and often things that no one should be proud of. From not paying taxes to his young son’s computer ability, here is everything Trump loved about himself at tonight’s debate.

  • The money he made off of the housing crisis was beautiful, believe me.

    Donald Trump loves that he made money off of other people’s pain.

  • These IRS constant audits are just a wonderful way of life.

    Dude is on some Wolf of Wall Street ish.

  • He was the only one who could produce Obama’s birth certificate.

    He produces birth certificates like nobody else y’all. That is a useful skill for … well we’re not sure.

  • He loves his bankruptcies too!

    He loves all half-dozen of them like he loves his children. Tremendous bankruptcies.

  • His son’s ability with “cyber.”

    That’s not a noun, buddy.

  • Donald Trump loves to stiff people who do work for him.

    I think that’s called theft in most places.

  • He has a tremendous temperament, believe me.

    He literally yelled while he bragged about his temperament.

We made liberals blind-taste test Trump’s wine, and the results were hilarious. Watch below.

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