What’s the 411? Twitter Needs Help Understanding This Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton Video

What. Is. Happening.

By Seth Glass

Mary J. Blige has a show called The 411 coming out with Apple Music this Friday. Everyone loves Mary and we were all ready to get excited about this, but now we’re just confused.

In the above promo clip for the upcoming debut episode, Mary is SINGING to Hillary Clinton about social justice. We think she had good intentions with this. But then she said that being “polite” to police is one way to prevent police brutality. Whet.

That’s where she lost a lot of people.

In general, people are just trying to figure out exactly WTF is going on here.

If anything, we’ll be watching to get the answer to this very important question:

Until then, we’ll be scratching our heads with everyone else.

Watch Democrats visibly struggle to say one nice thing about Donald Trump in the video below.

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