Princess Cleverly Surprises Ray With an Impromptu Marriage Since He Wants to Play With Scoot-E Bikes All Day

"I think I got my point across to Ray today. He should know from now on, happy wife, happy life."

Princess is NOT the one to play with.

Princess pulls up to Ray’s Scoot-E Bike event to surprise him with an on-the-spot marriage in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood highlight. Princess is tew tired fighting with Ray over them damn bikes. Instead of being a nag about it, she decides to just do something about it. Accompanied by a legit wedding officiate to certify their marriage on the spot, Princess surprises Ray with the ultimatum. Welp, that works exactly how she wants it to because in 2.2 seconds, Ray J picks up that ball he dropped and goes in full “wedding planning” mode.

That’s how you do it Princess! Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next Monday at 8/7c!

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